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5 Signs That Your AC Unit Is In Trouble | 2 mins

It’s important to deal with air conditioner issues promptly. Even minor problems can affect the performance of your unit and accelerate wear and tear. Plus, with summer quickly approaching you don’t want to ignore the early signs before it’s too late. Here are five easy-to-recognize signs that your AC needs […]

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Why You Should Leave AC Repairs to a Professional | 2 mins

Air conditioner repairs can be costly, so you may be tempted to save some money by trying to fix your air conditioner yourself. However, air conditioners are complex machines with numerous moving parts and intricate circuitry. Here are a few important reasons why you should leave air conditioner repairs to […]

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How to Troubleshoot Ice Buildup on Your Air Conditioner | 2 mins

If ice begins to form on the evaporator coil or on other parts of your AC unit, it’s a sign that your machine isn’t functioning optimally. Even minimal freezing shouldn’t be ignored, as the ice is likely to thicken and spread to other components of the machine. Here are three […]

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Ready for Another Heat Wave in Edmonton? How’s Your Air Conditioner? | 2 mins

Edmonton may have cold and long winters, but the summer heat that the city can experience is nothing to take lightly. At Modern Air & Water, we keep an eye on temperature trends to better provide our clients with HVAC services in Edmonton, including air conditioning installation and repair. Here’s […]

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