5 Signs Your Air Conditioner is in Need of Repair

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Air conditioners can fail, often at the most inconvenient times. That’s why in today’s blog the experienced cooling technicians at Modern Air & Water will explore the top 5 signs that your air conditioning system may be on the fritz. The experienced cooling technicians at Modern Air & Water have been providing trusted AC repair in the Edmonton area for over 40 years, so you can trust that we know our stuff!

Posted by Chris | April 30, 2024 | Reading Time: 5 minutes, 14 seconds

In the thick of a dry and hot Alberta summer a functioning air conditioner isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

However, like all mechanical systems, air conditioners can fail, often at the most inconvenient times. Recognizing the early warning signs of a malfunction, and taking advantage of regular maintenance, can save you from discomfort, and prevent costly repairs or a full replacement.

The experienced cooling technicians at Modern Air & Water have been providing trusted AC repair in the Edmonton area for over 40 years, and in today’s blog we’ll explore the top 5 signs that your air conditioning system may be on the fritz.

Here Are The 5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is In Need Of A Repair

If your air conditioning system shows any of these five signs, addressing them sooner rather than later can prevent more extensive and costly repairs.

1. Unusual Noises

A well-running AC unit will run pretty quietly. You may hear the hum of the motor running, and a gentle rustle of the air turning on, but that’s it. If you’re hearing a grinding, squealing, banging or buzzing sound coming from your unit, don’t ignore it. These sounds can indicate loose parts, debris in the system or even a failing motor.

If these sounds aren’t addressed quickly, they can lead to more serious damage, more expensive repairs, or even a full system replacement.

2. Inadequate Cooling

A healthy AC unit easily cools and disperses cool air throughout your home with minimal effort. Many units also have dampers and diffusers to help move cooler air throughout multiple levels in your home.If you’re noticing your air conditioner isn’t blowing air as strongly as it used to, or if it’s doing the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do and blowing warm air, that’s a clear sign your AC unit is struggling.

This inefficiency is usually due to a faulty compressor, dirty condenser, refrigerant leak or a blockage in the lines somewhere. This is not just frustrating, it can even lead to uneven cooling, longer run time and more wear and tear on your system. As soon as you notice this dip in performance, give our team a call today to schedule an inspection. From minor AC repairs to major overhauls, our trained technicians have the specialized tools and equipment to get the job done right.

3. High Energy Bills

An unexpected spike in your energy bills is always a cause for concern, especially if you’re not doing anything differently. This could be due to clogged duct work or improper insulation letting air escape, or a hidden issue in your air conditioner.

If your unit is grappling with underlying issues, it will have to work harder and longer to cool your home, consuming more energy in the process.

Regular maintenance can keep your system running efficiently, but if you notice a sudden increase in your bills, it’s time to investigate.Our team is trained to quickly identify these issues and get you back up and running fast!

4. Frequent Cycling

Frequent cycling, where your air conditioner turns on and off more often than it should, can be caused by a number of issues. From a dirty air filter, to low refrigerant levels (more on that later), dirty or frozen evaporator coils to electrical issues, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact reason if you’re unfamiliar with your unit.

​​To address frequent cycling, our team will often start with the simplest solutions: check your air filter, and make sure your thermostat is working correctly. If these basic checks don’t solve the problem, we investigate further and do a comprehensive check inside and out, addressing issues quickly to avoid unit damage.

5. Moisture and Leakage Issues

When your AC is working properly the most moisture you should ever see is a little bit of condensation, but if you’re starting to notice large amounts of moisture on or around your unit you may have a more serious problem on your hands…a leak.

A refrigerant leak affects both the efficiency of your system and can potentially damage your property if not taken care of right away. That’s why the team at Modern Air & Water is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality AC repair services available.

Refrigerant is essential for your AC to effectively remove heat and humidity from your air. A leak causes the level of refrigerant to drop, diminishing the system’s ability to cool, leading your air conditioner to run longer cycles resulting in warmer air, discomfort and higher energy bills.

Running your air conditioner with low refrigerant can also cause the compressor to overheat and fail. The compressor is the heart and hub of your cooling system, and replacing it can be costly. Continuing to run your AC with low refrigerant will eventually lead to further damage and wear on other components, and possible complete system failure.

Stay Cool With Modern Air & Water

The key to your air conditioner running its absolute best, for as long as possible, is scheduling annual maintenance from Modern Air & Water.

We’re proud to provide reliable AC tune-up services, designed to ensure efficiency and reliability well into the summer months! You’ll get:

  • Thorough inspection of your AC unit and all it’s components.
  • Tighten and test all electrical connections.
  • Top of refrigerant levels.
  • Cleaning of Outdoor Condenser

AC tune-ups start at $139.95, call us today to schedule yours!

We also provide customizable membership plans that provide you with annual scheduled inspections and tune-ups to keep your equipment in top shape, and catch potential failures before they happen. When you sign up for our ModernCare Membership you can rest assured we’re with you every step of the way, this summer and beyond!

Don’t Delay, Fix Today!

Remember, addressing small AC issues today can prevent larger problems tomorrow, keeping you calm, cool and collected this summer. If you notice any of the above signs, call Modern Air & Water right away. From repair, to install, to annual maintenance we’ve been helping the Edmonton area with their air conditioning needs since 1976, and you can count on our team for expert care and advice. Air conditioner repair diagnostics start at $190, call us today!

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