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AC Problems and How To Avoid Them

The last thing you need on a sweltering hot day is a faulty air conditioner. The good news is there are things you can do to prevent air conditioner breakdowns and the subsequent need for costly repairs. Knowing the common problems and how to avoid them will help you keep cool all summer long.

Common Issues With Air Conditioner Units

Do you have the user’s manual that came with your air conditioning unit? If so, it may have a troubleshooting guide you can refer to. Otherwise, here are the most common causes of air conditioner problems:

Leaking refrigerant. AC units require sufficient refrigerant to remove heat and humidity from the air inside your home. If your unit isn’t blowing cold air, leaking refrigerant may be to blame.

Frozen coils. Evaporator coils hold the refrigerant that sucks the heat out of the air. They need warm air circulating around them to work. Without sufficient airflow, a layer of ice can form around the coils. This will cause your unit to cease blowing out cold air.

Fan problems. AC units have several fans. Debris, worn belts and faulty motors can lead to the fans malfunctioning and your AC not working.

Faulty thermostat. You may have an older thermostat that needs calibrating or replacing. Sometimes it just needs fresh batteries. Check your owner’s manual to determine if the thermostat is set correctly.

Blocked drains. Air conditioners suck moisture out of the air. This moisture turns into liquid inside the unit and then drains outside. If your drains are clogged, water will leak away from the unit and damage your walls, ceilings, furniture and the air conditioning unit itself.

If your air conditioner is clean, leak-free and still not working, a faulty circuit breaker may be to blame. Check your electrical panel.

How To Prevent Common Air Conditioner Problems

Now, here’s what you can do if you want to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly:

Clean and change the filters. Keeping your air filters clean can improve efficiency and prevent your coils from freezing.

Install a programmable or smart thermostat. Replace old thermostats to improve your unit’s efficiency. Today’s smart thermostats can be adjusted from your smartphone.

Clean your unit. Keep dust and debris out of the outside part of your unit to ensure the fan runs smoothly. You should also make certain the condenser coils are habitually cleaned as they expel heat captured inside your home.

Get regular maintenance. Routine air conditioner maintenance from a professional HVAC technician will help your air conditioner run efficiently for years to come.


Air Conditioner Maintenance And Repair In Edmonton

At Modern Air & Water, we provide scheduled air conditioning maintenance programs to help prevent breakdowns. If your unit stops working, we offer emergency repair servicesas well. To learn more about our maintenance programs, contact us today.

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