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6 Benefits of Installing A Water Softener in Your Home

Updated: Aug 10

Hard water contains minerals that can wreak havoc on the plumbing systems and water-using appliances in your home. It can also affect the way water feels on your skin and hair.

Here are six reasons why you should install a water softener in your home.


1.) Fewer plumbing repairs

Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that can destroy your home’s plumbing system. In fact, calcium sticks to the inside of your home’s water pipes, creating a scaly buildup that can lead to irreversible damage. Water softeners remove these minerals before they can do just that.

2.) Longer-lasting appliances

Over time, the minerals found in hard water can build up in water-using appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater, causing them to prematurely break down. Using soft water prevents calcium buildup, thereby extending the lifespan of your appliances.


3.) Lower energy bills

Mineral buildup in your hot water tank can cause the system to work overtime, thereby using more energy and increasing your heating bill. Moreover, mineral deposits narrow the inside of your water pipes, requiring extra pressure to push the water through. Using soft water helps improve your home’s all-around efficiency.


4.) Cleaner and longer-lasting clothes

Over time, washing your clothes with hard water can fade the colours and turn your whites, yellow. The minerals cling to the fibres, causing your clothes to quickly deteriorate. However, soft water dissolves easily and won’t stick to your clothes, resulting in longer-lasting garments.


5.) Easier cleaning

Hard water often leaves behind mineral residue in your home’s showers and sinks. These stains are tough to remove and often require special descaling chemicals. Using soft water can help simplify your cleaning routine.

In addition, the minerals in hard water often leave small white spots on your dishes, making them look dirty. Washing your dishes with soft water can save you time by not having to wash your dishes twice.


6.) Cleaner hair and softer skin

Soap and shampoo don’t lather well in hard water. This makes it difficult to get clean. In addition, hard water can make your hair and skin feel dry. Soft water preserves your body’s natural oils. Therefore, your skin and hair will thank you for investing in a water softener.

Reach out to one of the members of the Modern Air & Water team to learn more about the benefits of investing in a whole-home water softener.


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