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Why You Should Have Your Hot Water Heater Descaled

Updated: Aug 14

Taking a hot shower or washing the dishes in warm water requires a hot water tank that’s in pristine condition. Many hot water tank manufacturers recommend descaling hot water tanks once a month. Sadly, many property owners don't take maintenance steps for their water heaters at all. 


However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your hot water tank! Below are a few reasons why getting a tankless water heater flush is important for Edmonton property owners.


Enhanced Heating Speed

The more particles that accumulate at the base of your water heater, the tougher it becomes for heat to transfer. As a result, it'll take longer for the water heater to reach an adequate temperature.

This leads to issues with the water remaining hot. Thankfully, a descaling tankless water heater can take care of this issue. Modern Air & Water’s Tankless descaling maintenance is actually one of our most popular services in the Edmonton region.


Minimizing Noises

When scale buildup gets out of hand, your water heater will start to make noises like crackling, popping, or banging sounds.

Many times, the noises will stop, but that doesn't mean the issue is resolved. It's an indicator that the scale on the interior of the tank has solidified to a point where the water can no longer filter through it.


Prolong the Life of Your Hot Water Tank

Descaling hot water tanks is the best way to extend the life of your equipment. An excess of scale buildup in an electric heater causes the electrodes to malfunction prematurely, which diminishes the hot water.

In a gas water heater, scale buildup creates an insulated barrier between the heat source and the water. This causes the metal at the base of the tank to get hotter than it should and eventually cause leaks or tank failure.

With that said, it's better to get a routine tankless water heater flush than to have to replace the entire tank.


Reduce Your Utility Bill

The harder your hot water heater must work, the more energy it uses to heat the water. Unfortunately, this creates more expensive utility bills.

Descaling hot water tanks significantly save you money over time.


Descaling Hot Water Tanks: When Is Maintenance Required?

The frequency of your hot water tank maintenance depends on the mineral content of your home's water, how much water you use, and the temperature of the water.

Although the standard time frame for descaling is once a month, every household is different. Therefore, there isn't a general answer to how often your tank should be flushed.

Call a professional to make an evaluation for you and determine a descaling schedule from there.


Let the Pros Descale Your Water Heater – Call Modern Air & Water Today

Descaling hot water tanks is essential to making sure that your water heater works at peak performance. However, it's not something you should do yourself.

Instead, let Modern Air and Water do it for you. Not only do we fix water heaters, but we also provide furnace maintenance, plumbing, air quality testing, and more in and around the Edmonton region!

If you have any questions, please call 780-475-6484. Also, check out our latest promotions to find deals on our services.


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