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When To Call An Emergency Plumber

Updated: Aug 10

Not every leak and clog requires a plumber’s immediate attention. Indeed, calling an emergency plumbing service usually costs more, so knowing what problems can wait may alleviate your stress and save you money.

However, here are a few situations where it’s definitely best to call an emergency plumber from Modern Air & Water.


overhead shot of an emergency plumber working under a kitchen sink

The house is flooding.

A burst pipe can send hundreds of litres of water surging into your home in just a few minutes. Or, a failed sump pump can lead to basement flooding during a torrential downpour. Flooding causes structural damage to your home, including your drywall, studs, ceiling, flooring and furniture. In the case of water pooling in your home, call an emergency plumber ASAP.

The sewer is backing up.

A sewer backup is a health hazard. Fortunately, plumbers have the protective gear and the experience to effectively and safely deal with raw sewage flowing into your home. This situation always warrants professional intervention.


A frozen pipe bursts.

Frozen pipes are a common problem in winter. In addition to one disrupting water service to your home, it can also crack and eventually burst. Deal with frozen pipes as soon as you can, and call a plumber right away if one cracks.


There’s little or no running water.

If your taps have slowed to a trickle or there’s no water at all, then you have an emergency on your hands. No water means no toilet, no washing, no cooking, and that’s a safety and health concern. An emergency plumber can locate the problem and will know the best way to deal with it.


What To Do in an Emergency

Once you’ve called an emergency plumbing service and are waiting for the plumber to arrive, do these things to mitigate flooding damage:

  1. Close the main water shut-off valve. If you don’t know where it is, you should learn before an emergency strikes. Typically, it’s just above the water meter.

  2. Move furniture and valuables. Get whatever you can to a higher place, especially electronics.

  3. Push standing water toward an open drain. Find somewhere for the water to go that won’t damage your property.


How to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

Regularly maintaining your plumbing can prevent emergencies from occurring in the first place. Get your home’s drains cleaned at least once a year and inspect and maintain your sump pump.

Additionally, sign up for a pre-planned and pre-paid maintenance program with your local plumbing service so you don’t have to worry about scheduling maintenance and cleaning appointments.


Contact Us for Emergency Plumbing in Edmonton

Whether it’s a sewer backup, a burst pipe or a broken sump pump, the reliable team at Modern Air & Water is on call 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have a plumbing emergency in Edmonton or surrounding areas, contact us now and we’ll send a plumber right away! In addition, keep in mind thst you can prevent plumbing emergencies with ModernCare, a plumbing and HVAC maintenance program for your home.

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