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Understanding HVAC Warranties with Modern Air & Water

It's important to know what warranties are available when buying a new HVAC system. Fortunately, Modern Air & Water offers homeowners a variety of warranties to protect their investment and provide peace of mind. Here’s what you need to know about HVAC warranties and their coverage and benefits.

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Parts Vs. Labour HVAC Warranties

Generally, there are two types of warranties: parts warranties and labour warranties.

  • Parts warranties ensure HVAC components, such as compressors, coils, and motors, are free of defects for a designated period.

  • Labour warranties cover the cost of professional repairs or replacements during the warranty period.

Many HVAC manufacturers require you to register within a specific timeframe after installation to activate the coverage. If you don’t register your warranty, the coverage may be reduced or declared void.

Warranty Duration

Another important element of warranties is their duration, or how long they’re valid for. For example, Modern Air & Water provides a standard 12-year warranty for parts and labour on all AirEase™ products. This means that for 12 years from the date of installation, all repairs and part replacements will be covered by the warranty, including the cost of parts plus labour expenses.

Warranty Limitations

When reviewing warranty details, it’s crucial to understand the limitations. Standard manufacturer’s warranties may not cover the following:

  • Labour

  • Certain parts

  • Maintenance items

  • Ownership changes

  • Certain circumstances or natural disasters

Make sure you review the warranty terms carefully and follow the registration process to ensure your warranty is valid.

Extended Warranty Options

Some manufacturers offer extended warranty options that lengthen the coverage period beyond the standard warranty. You pay extra for additional benefits such as labour and parts coverage. When considering upgrading to an extended warranty, take into account the age of your system, its expected lifespan, and the cost of repairs.

Warranties And Maintenance

On top of registration, you must schedule regular preventative maintenance to ensure the warranty remains valid. In order to maintain your warranty coverage and make sure your HVAC system is performing at its best, you should have your HVAC system serviced at least once a year.

When you register for Modern Air & Water’s ModernCare plan, we’ll keep track of your maintenance for you and ensure your HVAC system is serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Protect Your HVAC Investment in Edmonton

At Modern Air & Water, we’re dedicated to safeguarding your HVAC investment with comprehensive warranties. On top of warranty coverage, we offer an impressive range of HVAC products for residential and commercial customers, including air conditioners, furnaces and indoor air quality systems.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and coverage and enjoy the confidence that comes with professional installation and service.

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