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Top 5 Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips

Updated: Jun 1

Did you know that 21.6% of Canadians frequent home improvement stores each month? This is especially useful for those who enjoy reading about AC cooling tips and applying them to their own home.

But why are air conditioner cooling tips so important? A hot home can do more than make you uncomfortable, for starters.

High temperatures can also cause a variety of illnesses and injuries. Therefore, it's essential to have an air conditioner that works effectively.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Luckily, you don't have to be an AC technician to have this. Even the average homeowner can perform a good deal of air conditioner maintenance methods. Read on to learn 5 of them.


1. Clean the Air Filters Regularly

Replacing the filters is one of the most accessible AC maintenance processes you can do.

The first step is to locate the air filter. It should be on the furnace itself, behind the return air grille, or inside the blower compartment.

Remove the air filter next. If it looks dirty, replace it. Make sure that you purchase the correct filter for your unit. Experts have recommended checking for tips on when to change the filter.

2. Remove Debris from the Outdoor AC Unit

Most homeowners forget to check the outdoor unit of their AC. Much like the indoor unit, this appliance can get clogged with debris. When this happens, the team will operate less effectively.

Therefore, you need to check your outdoor unit frequently. If it seems dirty, shut off your AC and clean it. Pick off any debris you can with gloved hands. Use a garden hose to wash it out gently for waste in trickier places.

3. Clear the Drainpipe and Pan

The evaporator coil portion of your AC unit will have a draining pipe and pan. This allows your unit to release any excess fluid. Often, this can become clogged.

Locate the pipe and pan first. Reading the operator's manual may help you find this. You can ask an AC maintenance worker to help if it doesn't.

Once you find it, you can use a vacuum to suck up any clogs if necessary.

4. Examine Your Unit's Wiring

Faulty wires can often cause issues with your AC unit. Sometimes, you might not realize that these have incurred damage until they cause severe problems. To prevent this, inspect them frequently.

Turn the power off first. Then, you can remove the access panel and look inside. Check for any melted or blackened wires. You can also use an electrical test meter to measure their effectiveness.

If you spot any wiring issues, it's best to call an AC maintenance technician. You could cause more damage if you try to fix the problems yourself.

5. Call for Regular Maintenance

Smaller, unnoticed problems can quickly grow into more severe problems. The latter will cost you a lot more than the former. However, an AC technician can notice these. They can fix them before they become worse.

Schedule regular maintenance checkups at least twice a year. This will help AC technicians save you the cost of extensive damages.

Use These Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips Carefully

Even with the easiest of these air conditioner maintenance tips, be careful. Follow all the instructions you can find and work slowly. You don't want to cause more damage and pay more for repairs.

If you don't feel comfortable performing maintenance yourself, that's all right! Contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you. Our team offers the best air conditioner maintenance Edmonton offers.


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