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Ready for Another Heat Wave in Edmonton? How's Your Air Conditioner?

Updated: Jun 16

Edmonton may have cold and long winters, but the summer heat that the city can experience is nothing to take lightly. At Modern Air & Water, we keep an eye on temperature trends to better provide our clients with HVAC services in Edmonton, including air conditioning installation and repair. Here's some important information to help you get ready for the next heat wave.

Hot History: Edmonton No Stranger to Soaring Temperatures

 The highest-ever temperature recorded in Edmonton was 37.2°C on June 29th, 1937. While this record was set a while back, recent years have seen temperatures climbing to as high as 34°C.

Last year was a great example of just how hot the city can get. The first major heat wave of 2018 arrived at the end of May, bringing with it temperatures as high as 30°C and triggering heat warnings for Edmonton and large parts of Alberta.

Another stifling heat wave put the city under heat warnings in early August as well, causing temperatures to rise to a peak of 34.3°C on August 9th. While this is Edmonton's hottest time of year, the heat wave far exceeded the typical daily temperatures of 25°C to 26°C that the city would normally see.

Over the coming years, it is expected that Edmonton will continue to see an increase in days with temperatures over 30°C. Officials are already planning to deal with the heat by increasing the city's tree canopy, among other strategies.

Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable with a Properly Working Air Conditioner

The best place to find relief in a heat wave is inside of a home that has central air conditioning. If you have a central air conditioning unit, then make sure that it is ready for the summer by getting it inspected by a professional and having any necessary repairs done. If your home does not have air conditioning, then getting a new unit installed is a great idea, especially as temperatures continue to rise.

During the summer months, another issue to contend with is poor outdoor air quality due to high pollen levels and smoke from wildfires. But did you know that your indoor air quality can be even worse? A good air conditioner will help keep the air inside of your home clean and clear of debris.

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation in Greater Edmonton

Modern Air & Water is proud to provide a wide array of HVAC services in Edmonton, including AC repair and routine duct cleaning. You can also rely on us for hot water tanks and water softening systems. During the summer months, we are happy to provide air conditioning installation and repair services to keep you comfortable.

Our expert technicians serve the greater Edmonton area, including Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Devon, Stony Plain, Bon Accord, Fort Saskatchewan, Nisku, Namao, Gibbons, Ardrossan, Morinville, and Beaumont.

To get in touch with an HVAC expert about air conditioner repair or installation in Edmonton, just contact Modern Air & Water today.

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