How Tree Roots Can Affect Your Plumbing

Tree roots can have a devastating and costly impact on your home’s sewer system. Encroaching tree roots can block pipes and create sewer backups, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. Here’s how tree roots can damage your plumbing, as well as possible solutions and prevention methods.

Why Tree Roots Like Sewer Lines

Tree roots are attracted to cool, moist soil. Therefore, if you have a crack in your underground sewer line, it can create the perfect environment for tree roots to thrive.

Roots will enter any opening they find to access water, nutrients and oxygen. Once inside, the roots will expand quickly, blocking the pipe and creating more damage. Unfortunately, cracks and leaking joints are common in older homes.


Signs A Tree Root Has Damaged Your Sewer Line

If a tree root is blocking your sewer line, you may notice the following:

Slow-flushing toilets and slow-draining sinks

Bubbling and gurgling sounds coming from your drains

Foul smells emanating from your drains

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to call a professional plumber to have your drains cleaned. The plumber will use a high-tech video camera to look inside your pipes and diagnose the problem. If they find root damage, they’ll use a sewer auger and other specialized equipment to cut through the roots blocking your sewer line.


Preventing Tree Root Damage

The best way to avoid tree root damage is to plant trees well away from your sewer lines. Additionally, avoid planting trees with aggressive root systems, like:












Moreover, always use PVC sewer pipes when replacing damaged lines or constructing new homes. PVC is flexible and less prone to cracking and leaking once buried underground. It’s unlikely a tree root will break into a professionally installed sewer line made of a flexible material.

To prevent future problems, it’s a good idea to schedule regular maintenance on your sewer lines. Video inspections and drain cleanings can help keep your pipes flowing freely and avoid costly repairs.


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