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Furnace Technology: Modulating vs Single Stage Furnace

At the end of 2022, a winter storm brought the “iciest Christmas” Canada had seen in many years. This follows a consistent pattern we’ve seen developing. Winters are gradually getting harsher. Canada even saw one of the coldest temperatures on the planet in 2021. How can you make sure you’re prepared for the next cold snap? Install a furnace before it comes!

Furnaces circulate warm air throughout the home, which means they not only help you stay warm but can prevent other issues, such as frozen pipes.

The two main options are a single-stage furnace or modulating furnace. To help you decide which one is right for you, we’ve created this quick comparison guide. Read on for the differences between the furnaces and where they work best.

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Single Stage Furnace vs. Modulating Furnace

A single-stage furnace has a single mode of operation. It’s either on or off. This single-stage system is simple to manufacture, making it the cheapest model.

For those looking to heat a small area, this simple functionality may be enough. The fact it’s budget-friendly to install also appeals to many.

However, if you’re willing to invest more, a modulating furnace is usually the best option.

Modulating furnaces can have dozens of power settings, rather than just on or off. This allows the furnace to modulate the temperature in the room. It can slightly increase or decrease output as needed.

Modulating systems, therefore, keep your home at a consistent temperature. The system doesn’t wait for the temperature to drop before it pumps out more heat. This helps to eliminate cold pockets in the home, as air is always circulating.

Constantly circulating air also combats humidity. This, in turn, can work against damp or mould development.

Besides these benefits, modulating systems are also better for your budget.

Since they have several power settings, they can work on low after reaching temperature. This is more energy efficient than a single-stage furnace, which can only be turned on at full blast. Plus, the many settings mean they run more quietly than a single-stage system.

These factors show that, in the long run, a modulating furnace is the best option for most homes. But if you need a short-term solution, have a small budget, or are heating a small area, a single stage will work just fine.

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Local Furnace Installation in Edmonton You Can Trust

Have you decided which furnace to buy? Then the next step is finding the best team to install your new furnace system.

Modern Air & Water has nearly 50 years of experience installing furnaces for homes and businesses in Edmonton!

We know the climate inside and out. So we know which brands, sizes, and systems suit each situation. Whether you want a single-stage furnace or modulating system, we’ll find and fit the best option.

Let us find and install the perfect heating solution for your home. Get a free quote from Modern Air & Water today to get started!

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