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Do You Need A Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pump?

Updated: Jun 1

Your sump pump prevents your basement from flooding. However, having a single, electric-powered sump pump is no guarantee your home will stay dry during a severe rainstorm.

Here are three reasons why you should invest in a battery-powered backup sump pump.

1.) Your primary sump pump can break down

Like any appliance or motorized device in your home, your sump pump can break down. Debris in the pump, a blocked exit pipe, a burnt-out motor or a faulty float switch can all lead to mechanical failure.

Consequently, if your sump pump breaks down while you’re on vacation, you may come home to a flooded basement that requires emergency service.

Investing in a backup, a battery-powered sump pump can give you peace of mind that if your primary sump pump breaks down, your backup pump will take over.

2.) Your primary sump pump won’t work during a power outage

Sump pumps are usually hard wired directly into a home's electrical system. Consequently, when the power goes out, the sump pump stops working. However, your power is more likely to go out during a heavy rainstorm, which is also when your basement is most at risk of flooding.

Additionally, if your circuit breaker flips, you could also lose power to your sump pump.

Fortunately, a battery-powered backup sump pump works independently of your home’s electrical system and will spring into action if your primary pump goes out.

3.) Heavy rain can overwhelm a single pump

Heavy rain can overwhelm even an industrial-strength sump pump. If the soil around your home is already saturated, a torrential rainstorm can send hundreds of litres of water into your sump pit faster than your pump can remove it. A battery-powered backup sump pump can work in tandem with your existing pump, thereby increasing the rate you can remove the water from your pit.

If you decide to invest in a battery-powered backup sump pump, remember to inspect it regularly and make sure the batteries are fully charged.


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