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DIYers Beware: Why Your Hot Water Heater Should Be Installed By A Pro

Updated: Aug 10

Do you need to replace your water heater? If so, you’ll have to hire a qualified technician. Even experienced DIYers should steer clear of this job. 

Here’s why it’s best to get your hot water heater professionally installed.

Delivery is Included.

Water heaters are heavy and bulky, and transporting them is no picnic. If you take it upon yourself to transport the water heater from the hardware store to your home, you may end not only with a sore back but also a damaged unit. And if the store offers delivery, chances are you’ll be paying a steep price for this service.

When you hire a professional to handle the installation, the delivery of the water heater is included. And in the unlikely event that the installers damage the unit during transport, they’ll cover the costs.


You’ll get Professional Advice.

A professional will be able to recommend the best type and size of water heater for your home. In addition, professionals have access to top brands and models that aren’t always available in retail stores. At Modern Air & Water, we provide both hot water tanks and tankless water heaters.

It’ll Be Easy to Secure a Permit.

Under Alberta’s Safety Code Act, a gas permit is required to install a water heater. A professional can walk you through the permit application process, saving you time and ensuring that no mistakes are made. In addition, they’ll be informed about local building and fire codes.

You’ll Ensure the Installation is Safe.

A qualified technician will be sure to install your water heater correctly the first time. Even more importantly, they’ll make certain that you and your family are safe. Installation mistakes can result in carbon monoxide leaks, which can be fatal. An improper installation could potentially cause a fire or explosion as the natural gas used in water heaters is highly flammable.

You’ll Get a Warranty.

A professional installation comes with a warranty. This means that issues with your water heater may be repaired free of charge. With a DIY installation, you will have to pay out of pocket to repair any issues. What’s more, you may void the product warranty.


Expert Hot Water Tank Installation in Edmonton

You can count on the experienced technicians at Modern Air & Water for your hot water heater or hot water tank repair and replacement. We offer recommendations for hot water systems and safe, reliable installations with experienced technicians. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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