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Commercial HVAC: Cleaning Frequency

Updated: May 5

From small retail stores to large grocery outlets, most commercial operations use HVAC systems to keep their employees and clients comfortable throughout the year. However, it’s important to keep them clean. Here’s what you need to know about HVAC maintenance for your business. 

HVAC systems constantly circulate and recirculate air. Over time, the air picks up contaminants like mould, dander, dust, dirt and pathogens that cling to these particles, including viruses and bacteria. This accumulation ends up severely harming the air quality in your building, potentially leading to health issues for your employees.


Cleaning Frequency

Generally speaking, the recommendation for commercial or industrial HVAC duct cleaning is to perform it every three to five years, but you should still schedule an annual inspection. The reason for this is that the speed with which buildup happens will depend on a huge number of factors. Yearly inspections are the best way to keep an eye on the state of your HVAC system and will help you identify when you need to have them cleaned.


The Benefits Pay Off

If you’re worried about the bill, keep in mind that getting a professional cleaning is an investment. Your employees will be healthier and more productive. They’ll also be much less likely to lose hours to medical visits and sick leave. If you run a retail business, your clients may find it’s easier to spend more time browsing your wares.

You’ll also save money on energy costs, as dirty ducts create an obstacle for airflow and more power is thus needed to cool or heat your space.


COVID-19 Considerations

Concerns about transmission of COVID-19 from HVAC systems are becoming more prominent. While the virus itself may not be airborne, the droplets that carry the virus may be transported throughout the system, leading to infection down the line. A team of researchers and engineers in Alberta is currently working on developing solutions to lessen the risk. However, the chance of any pathogen, viruses included, infecting someone goes up the more particles are cycling through your air ducts, which is why it’s crucial to have them inspected and cleaned.


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning In Edmonton

Modern Air & Water offers a complete range of HVAC services, including cleaning. We also adhere to stringent sanitation guidelines to protect the health of our clients and our employees. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help you keep your building’s air clean and contaminant free.

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