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Choosing the Right Heating System for Your Home: Factors to Consider

Updated: Jun 1

Buying a new heating system for your home is an expensive, long-term investment. The configuration you choose must heat your home for the next 10 to 15 years. Consequently, you must make an informed decision.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a heating system for your home.


4 Types of Residential Heating Systems

Here’s an overview of four of the most common types of residential heating systems:

  1. Furnaces are the most popular type of heating system in North America. They heat the air in your home through a series of metal ducts that are then pushed into each room through a vent or grille. Furnaces can be fuelled by natural gas, propane, electricity or oil. They can also share your home’s ductwork with a central air conditioning unit, which is one of the reasons why they’re so popular.

  2. Boilers heat your home using hot water or steam that’s pumped through metal pipes and radiators that are dispersed throughout your home. You can conveniently adjust the temperature of each radiator. Additionally, boilers are typically more efficient than furnaces. However, you can’t combine them with air conditioning units.

  3. Heat pumps don’t generate heat; they move heat from one place to another. However, they don’t work in temperatures below negative one-degree Celsius, making them impractical for Edmonton homes.

  4. Ductless mini-splits heat and cool individual rooms without the use of ducts. They consist of several indoor units that are connected to an outdoor unit. Mini-splits are less expensive than furnaces or boilers. However, you need several units to heat and cool your entire home.

The heating system you choose will depend on several factors.


How To Choose A Home Heating System

When deciding which heating system is best for your home, you must answer the following questions:

  • Do you need to heat your entire home?

  • Do you just need supplemental or zoned heating?

  • What’s your home’s primary fuel source?

  • Is your home connected to a natural gas line?

  • Does your home already have pipes for a boiler or ductwork for a furnace?

  • Do you have enough space for a central heating system?

  • What’s your budget in the short- and long-term?

Once you’ve answered these questions, head over to Modern Air & Water to pick out the perfect heating system.

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