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5 Ways Pet Owners Can Improve Their Indoor Air Quality

Updated: Jul 17

Owning a pet can improve your quality of life, but it often has the opposite effect on the air quality in your home. Animal dander is a common trigger for allergic reactions that cause dry eyes, coughing, sneezing, headaches and respiratory problems.

a cat hanging out on its cat tree inside a home in Edmonton


Here are five ways to improve your indoor air quality.

1. Clean often

The first step to maintaining good indoor air quality is to vacuum up dirt and dust before it gets sucked into your HVAC system. Clean your floors, carpets and any furniture your pet spends time on at least once a week. To reduce the amount of dust in the air, wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth rather than a feather duster.

2. Groom your pet regularly

Consistent grooming removes excess fur and dander before it falls off your pet and circulates through the house. Brush your pet twice a week and bathe them every few months. Do this outside whenever possible. You should also wash your pet’s bedding and toys on a regular basis.

3. Check your HVAC filter monthly

Furnace filters improve indoor air quality by trapping dander, dust and fur before the air is recirculated through your home. Over time, this debris accumulates and reduces the filter’s efficacy. To prevent clogs and strain on your HVAC system, clean or change your furnace filter once a month.

4. Clean your air ducts

The pet dander and fur that you don’t suck up with the vacuum will eventually be drawn into the duct system. A buildup of debris in your ducts can contaminate the air and increase the risk of mould growth, which can also trigger allergy symptoms and health problems. As a rule of thumb, you should have your ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years.

5. Keep your outdoor unit safe

Make sure your pet stays away from the HVAC condenser unit. Their urine can corrode the coils and cause malfunctions. Additionally, if your pet claws the outdoor unit, they can damage the HVAC and hurt themselves. If you set up an enclosure around the unit, consult a professional to ensure there’s both sufficient airflow and access for maintenance.


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