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Financing Options Available for Equipment Installations in Edmonton

Installations and repairs for air conditioners, furnaces, and other HVAC equipment can be expensive. It’s naturally difficult to pay it off in one go, so people have to rely on credit or instalments to pay for their home improvement requirements. Some even rent their equipment, where they can, to save up on costs. But what if there’s a better option for homeowners? We offer financing options through FinanceIt financial services to help you get the equipment you need in affordable instalments, lower interest rates, and added value benefits.

Financing Through FinanceIt

It’s easy, it’s convenient, and most of all, it’ll help you get the equipment you need in an affordable manner. Modern Air & Water uses FinanceIt financial services to provide financing to inquiring customers. You can easily set up your monthly payments according to your requirements and how much you can afford. This helps you save up for real emergencies and, what’s more, you can easily pay it off anytime you want once you have the funds to do so. Financing your equipment installations through FinanceIt can help you get the quality of services and equipment you deserve, at the cost and in instalments you can afford.

Financing Is Better Than Compromising

It’s easy to settle for cheaper equipment and compromise on quality rather than having to go through the hassles of financing. However, with FinanceIt financial services, you can focus on getting the home heating, cooling, and plumbing equipment you need and deserve without having to worry about being able to afford it in one go—or about how much trouble setting up a line of credit would be. At Modern Air & Water, we guide our customers through the financing process to make it as smooth and convenient as we can. Plus, we have a great success rate of getting our customers the financing they require. So, forget compromising on quality and get your financing approved today.


Quality Services, With Financing Options

No need to compromise on the quality of services with our financing options

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