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Commercial & Industrial Services in Edmonton, Alberta, BC & NT

At Modern Air & Water, we provide multi-location commercial and industrial HVAC services to help you get the complete cleaning, heating, cooling, and plumbing solutions that your business requires. From setting up air conditioner units and smart thermostats to laying down in-floor heating systems and more, Modern Air & Water is highly qualified for all your commercial HVAC requirements. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can rest assured that we’ll be there at your call no matter what day or time it is. Our commercial division serves Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and Northern British Columbia.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Got your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems set up but don’t perform regular maintenance? This can cost on both the efficiency of your systems as well as the expensive repairs and replacements that will inevitably follow due to lack of care. Avoid the worst-case scenario by scheduling regular maintenance with us through our scheduled maintenance programs for air conditioners, air and water heating units, plumbing systems, and more.


Rooftop Units (RTUs) for Apartments & Commercial Structures

We offer Rooftop Unit installations for our industrial clients, providing air conditioning solutions in one unit for apartments and other large commercial structures. If you’d like to set up a rooftop unit, contact us today.

Hydronic Heating Solutions

We also offer hydronic heating for parking garages and commercial properties to provide our clients with more efficient heating solutions at lower costs and fewer difficulties. We provide these for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as basements, parking spaces, and other commercial structures.

Commercial Boiler Units

From setting up boiler units to re-tubing existing boilers, we offer complete services for your hot water requirements. Keep your building or campus warm, comfortable, and thoroughly supplied with the water required for your heating systems.

Our Accreditations

We also have several industrial association memberships and safety certifications to provide our customers with the best services possible. These include:

Edmonton Construction Association
Alberta Construction Safety Association

Commercial Boiler Re-Tubing

Our highly qualified team can help you with all your requirements.

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HVAC Services for Businesses

Whether you require installations, repairs, or regular maintenance, we can help.

Serving Edmonton Since 1976

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