A central air conditioning unit outside an Edmonton home

6 Reasons Why Central Air Conditioning is Perfect for Your Edmonton Home

The best way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home during the hotter months is to have a central air conditioner installed. While some people opt for a window unit, there are numerous advantages to choosing central air conditioning instead. At Modern Air & Water, we provide central air conditioning installation to Edmonton area homeowners so they can keep cool all summer long.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning Over Window Air Conditioning


If you own your home, then a central air conditioner makes a fantastic investment in your home comfort that you can't quite get from a window unit. Here are six reasons why.

1. Whole-home Cooling

A window air conditioner is only really effective at cooling the room where it is installed. It is a simple appliance that fits on a single window. A central air conditioning unit, on the other hand, sends cool air through your home's ducts and vents, reaching every room and ensuring you remain comfortable wherever you are.

2. Efficient Air Circulation

Because of the fact that it utilizes your home's duct system, a central air conditioner circulates the air much more efficiently. Those who have a window unit installed typically notice frostier areas closer to the unit and warmer spots further away, making for less effective cooling even in the room where the unit is installed.

3. Air Filtration

Indoor air quality can be a major problem during the summer. In fact, your year-round indoor air quality may be worse than the air outside. A central air conditioning unit can filter away all sorts of dust and debris, including pollen and other allergens. It can provide great relief to allergy sufferers but benefits the health of everyone living in your home as well.

4. Humidity Control

Central air conditioning units are more effective than window units at drawing moisture out of the air. Lower humidity levels, in turn, can help your home feel cooler even at slightly higher temperatures.

5. Seamless Integration


Aside from its cooling effectiveness, one of the best things about a central air conditioner is that it is located outside of your home. It won't obstruct the view from any of your windows, and you won't be able to hear its operation while inside either. Plus, central units make less noise than window units overall.

6. Increased Home Value

Finally, installing a central air conditioner can increase the resale value of your home should you ever choose to sell. Potential homeowners will appreciate that it's not something they need to do themselves if they want to maximize their home comfort.

Central Air Conditioner Installation Throughout Greater Edmonton

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