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5 Common Summertime Plumbing Problems in Edmonton

There are plenty of reasons to look forward to summer in Canada: warm weather, sunny days by the pool, backyard barbecues with family and friends. As you plan for the season ahead, however, you should also anticipate a few plumbing problems that are particularly common at this time of year. Here are five issues to watch out for and how to fix them.


Clogged toilets

Now that your kids are done school and spending more time at home, blocked and backed up toilets will likely be a more frequent occurrence. With the help of a plunger, you can tackle many of these clogs with relative ease. To keep your plunging to a minimum, however, remind everyone in your home that only toilet paper and waste should be flushed down the toilet.


Garbage disposal backups

The pits and rinds of fresh summer fruit, remnants of corn roasts and plenty of other barbecue food scraps will make their way into your garbage disposal this season. This can overload the system and lead to more frequent backups. Remember to always run water when you use the garbage disposal and avoid rinsing hard, sticky or stringy food down the drain.


Sump pump malfunctions

While your lawn surely appreciates a torrential downpour, heavy summer rains force your sump pump to work hard. If any components are worn or broken, you could quickly find yourself dealing with a basement flood. At the start of the season, make sure your sump pump is serviced and repaired so you can rest easy this summer.

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Slow drains

After a day spent at the beach enjoying the sand and sun, be sure to rinse off before you enter the house. Otherwise, all that debris will be swept down your shower drain where it can cause a tough blockage. You can also help keep your pipes clean by regularly removing hair and other gunk before it creates an obstruction.


System overload

Summer is a great time to play host to numerous guests. However, it’s important to remember that the extra use of your plumbing fixtures can put pressure on the system and take its toll. Make sure you stay on top of cleaning, maintenance and repairs to avoid a plumbing emergency.


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