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During our years in business, we have learned that the more our customers know about heating and cooling in Edmonton and surrounding areas, the better prepared they are to make good decisions when it is time to repair or replace their home heating and cooling systems. With that goal in mind, we present the first of our blog postings for your information. Be sure to check back often for updates, as we plan to add additional information as it becomes available.

  • 19/09/2022
    Home Water Softener 101: Everything You Need to Know

    If you’re dealing with hard water in your home, you may have noticed residue in your showers and sinks or that your hair is dull and brittle. Luckily, a home water softener can solve these problems.

    There are many reasons to consider a water softener system. Before you purchase one, you should know the basics to choose the right one for your home. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about water softener systems.

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  • 27/06/2022
    Pipe Cleaning: Do Air Conditioners and Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

    Room air conditioning systems last about ten years.

    Most Canadians can't imagine living without cooling and heating home systems. Nothing beats the cool airflow on a warm summer day or the warmth in a room during an afternoon snowfall.

    Despite loving their air conditioning units so much, very few people know how to keep them clean. You might even be asking, "Do I need to clean my AC system and ducts?"

    We'll show you more below how to keep your air conditioner clean and when it's most essential to clean!


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  • 02/05/2022
    Top 5 Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips

    Did you know that 21.6% of Canadians frequent home improvement stores each month? This is especially useful for those who enjoy reading about AC cooling tips and applying them to their own home.

    But why are air conditioner cooling tips so important? A hot home can do more than make you uncomfortable, for starters.

    High temperatures can also cause a variety of illnesses and injuries. Therefore, it's essential to have an air conditioner that works effectively.

    Luckily, you don't have to be an AC technician to have this. Even the average homeowner can perform a good deal of air conditioner maintenance methods. Read on to learn 5 of them.


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  • 11/02/2022
    4 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier

    The average Canadian spends more than 90 percent of their time indoors. Therefore, indoor air quality plays a vital role in improving your health and well-being. Air purification systems clean the air by removing pollutants and pathogens, thereby improving the quality of the air you breathe.

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  • 09/02/2022
    How Tree Roots Can Affect Your Plumbing

    Tree roots can have a devastating and costly impact on your home’s sewer system. Encroaching tree roots can block pipes and create sewer backups, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. Here’s how tree roots can damage your plumbing, as well as possible solutions and prevention methods.

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  • 17/01/2022
    Do You Need A Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pump?

    Your sump pump prevents your basement from flooding. However, having a single, electric-powered sump pump is no guarantee your home will stay dry during a severe rainstorm.

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  • 14/01/2022
    Choosing the Right Heating System for Your Home: Factors to Consider

    Buying a new heating system for your home is an expensive, long-term investment. The configuration you choose must heat your home for the next 10 to 15 years. Consequently, you must make an informed decision.

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  • 12/01/2022
    4 Signs Your Boiler Requires Maintenance or Repairs

    Do you use a boiler to heat your home or business? If so, it’s good to know when it’s time to call a professional to perform maintenance or repairs and keep it running efficiently.

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  • 12/01/2022
    6 Benefits of Installing A Water Softener in Your Home

    Hard water contains minerals that can wreak havoc on the plumbing systems and water-using appliances in your home. It can also affect the way water feels on your skin and hair.

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  • 12/01/2022
    How To Make The Most Of A Heated Garage This Winter

    When the temperature dips below freezing, a heated garage can be a welcome feature in your home.

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  • 12/01/2022
    10 Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

    Did you know that using your toilet for anything other than toilet paper and human waste can quickly lead to clogged pipes, sewer backups, and an emergency plumbing call?

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  • 27/09/2021
    When To Call An Emergency Plumber

    Not every leak and clog require a plumber’s immediate attention. Indeed, calling an emergency plumbing service usually costs more, so knowing what problems can wait may alleviate your stress and save you money. However, here are a few situations where it’s definitely best to call an emergency plumber:

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  • 27/09/2021
    4 Signs Your Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

    Dirty air ducts can cost you money and adversely affect your health. However, because they’re hidden inside your ceilings and walls, you can’t see how dirty they really are. Nevertheless, there are some tell-tale signs that indicate your air ducts should be cleaned. Here four things to look out for.

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  • 27/09/2021
    What You Need To Know About Reverse Osmosis

    Do you want cleaner, safer drinking water? If so, a reverse osmosis (RO) system may be just what you need. This water filtration process can be used to supply your home with great-tasting water on demand. Here’s everything you need to know.

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  • 27/09/2021
    High Efficiency Condensing Boilers Vs Conventional Boilers

    Do you need a new boiler for your home? If so, it’s important choose an appliance that will meet your needs. Whether you want to save money or free up extra space, here’s a look at some of the advantages of investing in a high-efficiency unit.

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  • 27/09/2021
    Natural Draft Vs Condensing Heating Equipment

    Don’t underestimate the importance of having a reliable heating system. If you’re thinking about replacing your existing furnace or boiler with a condensing unit / high efficiency boiler, here’s an overview of the differences between the two technologies.

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  • 27/09/2021
    Combi Boiler Systems 101

    Are you considering replacing your conventional boiler system with a combi boiler? If so, here’s an overview of what you need to know.


    What’s a combi boiler?

    A combi boiler is a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating system wrapped up into a single unit. The system seamlessly switches between heating your home and providing hot water on demand to provide the best possible experience.

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  • 29/07/2021
    Is A Smart Thermostat A Worthwhile Investment?

    Smart thermostats are a popular tool in home climate control. However, they come with a higher price tag than conventional thermostats, sometimes hundreds of dollars more. So is investing in a smart thermostat worth it? Here’s what you should know.

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  • 28/07/2021
    Why You Should Leave AC Repairs to a Professional

    Air conditioner repairs can be costly, so you may be tempted to save some money by trying to fix your air conditioner yourself. However, air conditioners are complex machines with numerous moving parts and intricate circuitry.

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  • 27/07/2021
    5 Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning

    Professional commercial and industrial duct cleaning improves indoor air quality for you, your employees and your customers. Not only does completing this maintenance task improve the air you breathe, but it also helps your business’ bottom line. Here are five benefits of getting your ducts cleaned.

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  • 27/07/2021
    AC Problems and How To Avoid Them

    The last thing you need on a sweltering hot day is a faulty air conditioner. The good news is there are things you can do to prevent air conditioner breakdowns and the subsequent need for costly repairs. Knowing the common problems and how to avoid them will help you keep cool all summer long.

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  • 14/05/2021
    Air Quality Testing: A Crucial Step to Preventing Sick Building Syndrome

    The indoor air quality of your home or business can have a significant impact on the well-being of your family, employees and anyone else who spends time in these enclosed spaces. 

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  • 11/05/2021
    Introducing ModernCare: Our New Home Maintenance Program

    Learn more about all of the perks you can enjoy as part of our brand new home maintenance program, ModernCare!

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  • 09/03/2021
    Get Ready For Spring By Scheduling A Duct Cleaning!

    Indoor air quality is a key factor in keeping the members of your household healthy, and in fact, dirty ducts may be more dangerous than you think. That’s why Modern Air & Water offers duct, furnace, AC and dryer vent cleaning services for homeowners in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

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  • 20/02/2021
    5 Money-Saving Plumbing Renovations That Also Benefit the Environment

    Plumbing renovations are a great way to elevate your home's value. Not only do the upgrades create a safer space, but they also have the ability to save the environment and your wallet.

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  • 17/02/2021
    How to Choose a New Boiler for Your Home

    Winters in Edmonton are freezing and snowy. During the cold season, the temperature can drop to around -14 °C. To accommodate that, Canadians need a robust heating system.

    But what if your boiler suddenly breaks? Or it’s time for an upgrade?

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  • 26/12/2020
    4 Common Household Problems That Happen in Winter (And How We Can Solve Them All!)

    Winter is coming and while the snow and ice may look beautiful, they can cause some common household problems. Issues brought on by inclement weather can cause stress that nobody wants to have to deal with.

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  • 21/12/2020
    What You Should Know About Frozen Water Pipes This Winter

    Did you know that water causes more damage in Canada every year than severe weather events?

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  • 12/12/2020
    Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

    Know the signs before it's too late for your health and finances.


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  • 09/12/2020
    How to Troubleshoot Pilot Light Problems

    Are you experiencing issues with your furnace pilot light? There are several easy-to-follow steps that you can take to diagnosis the problem. Don’t worry—we’re going to walk you through the process.

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  • 14/11/2020
    How To Choose The Right Furnace Filter

    Is your furniture dustier than usual? Or maybe you’ve noticed your furnace needs to work harder to heat your home? If so, it’s probably time to replace your furnace filter. Here’s what you need to know so you can choose the right one for your home in Edmonton.




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  • 10/11/2020
    Why You Should Have Your Hot Water Heater Descaled

    Taking a hot shower or washing the dishes in warm water requires a hot water tank that’s in pristine condition. Many hot water tank manufacturers recommend descaling hot water tanks once a month. Sadly, many property owners don't take maintenance steps for their water heater at all. 



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  • 30/10/2020
    3 Reasons to Get a Garage Heater in Edmonton This Winter

    In Edmonton, the temperatures in winter can range from -14°C to 24°C, and occasionally, they can go even lower.

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  • 26/10/2020
    Air Duct Smells: What They Mean and Why You Should Get Them Cleaned

    Did you know that Canadians spend 94% of their time indoors? This means that it's vital that you keep your indoor air quality up. Otherwise, your health could suffer.

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  • 25/09/2020
    DIYers Beware: Why Your Hot Water Heater Should Be Installed By A Pro

    Do you need to replace your water heater? If so, you’ll have to hire a qualified technician. Even experienced DIYers should steer clear of this job. 

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  • 24/09/2020
    Is Your HVAC System Ready For Fall?

    Once summer gives way to fall, it’s time to turn off your air conditioner and get your heating system ready for action. Here’s why you should schedule a service call.

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  • 13/08/2020
    What’s the Deal with Hard Water in Edmonton?

    In 2000, the City of Edmonton ended its practice of softening the water supply. Today, if Edmonton homeowners want to enjoy the benefits of soft water, they must take the initiative to have a water softener installed themselves.

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  • 10/08/2020
    How Do I Stop Condensation On My Air Ducts?

    While a small amount of condensation on HVAC ducts is normal, too much moisture is a problem. Ductwork sweating can lead to the corrosion and decay of building materials and promote the growth of mould and bacteria. 

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  • 04/07/2020
    The Importance of AC Fan Coil maintenance

    Are you wondering whether regular maintenance of your home or business’ air conditioner is an unnecessary expense? The reality is that routine care for your cooling unit is the best way to extend its lifespan and ensure maximum operating efficiency, all while keeping down the cost of repairs.

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  • 30/06/2020
    5 Common Summertime Plumbing Problems in Edmonton

    There are plenty of reasons to look forward to summer in Canada: warm weather, sunny days by the pool, backyard barbecues with family and friends. As you plan for the season ahead, however, you should also anticipate a few plumbing problems that are particularly common at this time of year. Here are five issues to watch out for and how to fix them.

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  • 11/06/2020
    5 Signs That Your AC Unit Is In Trouble

    It’s important to deal with air conditioner issues promptly. Even minor problems can affect the performance of your unit and accelerate wear and tear. Plus, with summer quickly approaching you don’t want to ignore the early signs before it’s too late. Here are five easy to recognize signs that your AC needs some TLC!

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  • 09/06/2020
    “Help! My Toilet Flushes But Doesn’t Drain!”

    A toilet that flushes but doesn’t drain is typically caused by one of three possible problems. Here’s what you need to know about this common issue.

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  • 01/06/2020
    Commercial HVAC: Cleaning Frequency

    From small retail stores to large grocery outlets, most commercial operations use HVAC systems to keep their employees and clients comfortable throughout the year. However, it’s important to keep them clean. Here’s what you need to know about HVAC maintenance for your business. 

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  • 25/05/2020
    Can Installing UV Antibacterial Systems Help Fight COVID-19?

    UV antibacterial systems are a new type of technology that can improve the air-quality in a home thanks to ultra-violet light.

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  • 13/05/2020
    A Simple Guide to Pipe Corrosion

    As pipes deteriorate, they release toxins and sediment into your home’s water supply.

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  • 31/03/2020
    4 Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

    Chemical drain cleaners are dangerous. Unfortunately, many people continue to rely on them as a quick and easy solution to a clogged drain. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t.

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  • 27/03/2020
    5 Ways Pet Owners Can Improve Their Indoor Air Quality

    Owning a pet can improve your quality of life, but it often has the opposite effect on the air quality in your home. Animal dander is a common trigger for allergic reactions that cause dry eyes, coughing, sneezing, headaches and respiratory problems.


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  • 23/03/2020
    What to Do If Your Toilet Keeps Running – A Troubleshooting Guide

    A constantly running toilet is a common problem and a major annoyance, not to mention a waste of water.

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  • 10/02/2020
    6 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Boiler

    Albertans are no stranger to harsh winters. We tough it out when we’re on the move, but many families rely on a functional boiler system to ensure that their homes stay warm and comfortable through the worst of it.

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  • 06/02/2020
    What Every Homeowner Should Know About Sump Pumps

    If your basement floods, getting rid of the resulting water will be just one of your worries. Issues such as mould, bad odours and water-damage can be just as problematic and take longer to resolve. That’s why prevention is key and why installing a sump pump is a must.

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  • 16/12/2019
    How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

    Hot water is an integral part of your daily life, so it's important to have a water heater that suits the needs of your entire household. Here’s some basic information about tankless water heaters.

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  • 09/12/2019
    4 Common Drain Problems That Require an Emergency Plumber

    You might start noticing that your sink suddenly doesn’t drain quickly enough, or maybe you’ll find your toilet water is bubbling and there’s a gurgling sound in your pipes. It’s easy to push these signs to the back of your mind, but ignoring these problems could lead to a serious and sometimes expensive issue. Malfunctioning or blocked drains have the potential to damage your home and significantly disrupt your household.

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  • 01/12/2019
    Modern Power Vac’s Guide to Replacing Furnace Filters

    To keep your furnace working efficiently and help prevent malfunctions, your furnace filters need to be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis.

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  • 28/11/2019
    6 Ways To Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

    As the temperature outside plummets, it can be tempting to crank up the thermostat — until you see your heating bill! Here are six hot tips for staying warm this winter, without spending a fortune.

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  • 27/11/2019
    Is Winter Really The Best Time To Start Thinking About Furnace Maintenance?

    Which scenario sounds less stressful: having to schedule an emergency furnace repair in the middle of a harsh Edmonton winter or, having your furnace checked out by a certified professional long before the first flake even hits the ground? It’s a no-brainer. Keep reading to learn about the top benefits of servicing your furnace before winter starts, and why it matters.


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  • 25/11/2019
    Your Dirty Air Ducts Are More Dangerous Than You Think

    When it comes to your home cleaning checklist—how often does duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, or furnace and air conditioner maintenance make the list? Most Edmonton homeowners overlook these important, but easy to forget maintenance tasks. Keep reading to learn why neglecting the quality of your indoor air can have a serious impact on your health.


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  • 22/11/2019
    Stay Warm For Less With The Furnace Maintenance Checklist Made For Edmonton Winters

    You depend on your furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long, so it’s wise to make sure it’s in tip-top shape, especially considering that heating and cooling costs account for nearly 50% of the energy needs of the average Edmonton home. Maintaining your furnace is one of the best ways to ensure you get peak performance from your furnace so you can improve its energy efficiency and keep your energy costs low—keep reading to learn how.

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  • 30/08/2019
    The 4 Essential Reasons You Need to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned in Edmonton

    Did you know that the average home gathers about 40 pounds of dust every year? It’s true! In fact, much of it ends up in your air ducts where it gets circulated with the air blown through your vents. So unless you get your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis, there could be years’ worth of dust and allergens being blown into your home every time you run your home’s cooling or heating systems.


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  • 27/08/2019
    5 Cost-Effective Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool During Summer

    While air conditioning can be a lifesaver during the warmer months, many of us are on the lookout for strategies to reduce our energy bills. Here are five ways you can make air conditioning your home more cost-effective.

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  • 24/08/2019
    5 Ways To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs In Edmonton

    As summer wears on and temperatures climb, your energy bills tend to follow suit. However, by adopting some energy-savvy solutions, you can buck this trend. Here are five ways to cut your air conditioning costs.

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  • 22/08/2019
    How to Troubleshoot Ice Buildup on Your Air Conditioner

    If ice begins to form on the evaporator coil or on other parts of your AC unit, it’s a sign that your machine isn’t functioning optimally.

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  • 27/06/2019
    Ready for Another Heat Wave in Edmonton? How's Your Air Conditioner?

    Edmonton may have cold and long winters, but the summer heat that the city can experience is nothing to take lightly. At Modern Air & Water, we keep an eye on temperature trends to better provide our clients with HVAC services in Edmonton, including air conditioning installation and repair. Here's some important information to help you get ready for the next heat wave.

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  • 27/06/2019
    6 Reasons Why Central Air Conditioning is Perfect for Your Edmonton Home

    The best way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home during the hotter months is to have a central air conditioner installed. While some people opt for a window unit, there are numerous advantages to choosing central air conditioning instead. At Modern Air & Water, we provide central air conditioning installation to Edmonton area homeowners so they can keep cool all summer long.

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  • 29/05/2019
    Suffering from Allergies in Edmonton? Time for a Professional Duct Cleaning for Your Home

    Allergy sufferers don't have the easiest time in Edmonton. High pollen levels cause nasal congestion, itchy eyes, skin rashes, and sneezing. Last spring was particularly difficult as, according to Star Edmonton, the city experienced its highest pollen levels in years. This year, take matters into your own hands. Modern Air & Water provides furnace and duct cleaning in Edmonton that can help transform your home into a safe refuge from pollen and other allergens.

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  • 29/05/2019
    Enjoy Improved Indoor Air Quality with Air Duct Cleaning Specials in Edmonton

    Have you considered getting your home's air ducts professionally cleaned but didn't think it was in the budget? At Modern Air & Water, we offer great promotions, specials, and discounts on our Edmonton air duct cleaning services designed to make them more affordable for both new and repeat customers. All you have to do is take a look at our current promotions and let us know which one you think is best suited to your needs. Our technicians will take care of the rest.

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  • 29/05/2019
    When is It Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater?

    Many people don't realize just how much they rely on their hot water heater until it stops working. We use on-demand hot water for a plethora of everyday tasks, including cooking, cleaning, bathing, and more. At Modern Air & Water, our technicians provide hot water heater installation in Edmonton. If you're not sure whether it's time to replace your hot water heater, then this guide is for you. Here are some factors to take into account when making your decision.

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  • 03/08/2018
    Do Air Conditioners and Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

    Everything in your home needs to be maintained on a regular basis for maximum efficiency. You already know that you need to keep your windows and roof well maintained. Did you know that your air conditioner and air ducts also require regular maintenance?

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  • 19/01/2018
    Debunking Indoor Air Quality Myths

    There are few things in the world we take for granted more than fresh, contaminant-free air. When you have it, you don’t have to think about it. When you don’t have it, however, it becomes a big problem. What’s more, many of the causes of bad air quality, such as clogged filters or fungus growing in a duct can take a while to develop. As your indoor air quality gets slowly worse, your nose and other senses slowly get used to its effects. You may not even notice anything is wrong until things have gotten pretty bad. Professional indoor air quality testing in Edmonton is, of course, the only way to be absolutely sure of the quality of your air.

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  • 01/12/2017
    How to Maintain Your Furnace

    As one of the most important appliances in any home or business, the furnace has a significant impact on the comfort and energy-efficiency of your property. You can keep your furnace running smoothly for a long time to come by performing some maintenance tasks yourself, and by scheduling regular furnace cleaning in Edmonton from a trusted HVAC company such as Modern Power Vac.


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